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80/20 Extruded T Slot Aluminum

Our dedicated 80/20 engineers work with you to design and build custom fabricated solutions using extruded t slot aluminum. We tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs.

Carolina Fluid Power Carolina Fluid Components Machine GuardingCarolina Fluid Power Carolina Fluid Components Machine Guarding

Machine Guarding and Safety

Safety is a huge concern for industrial plants. Heavy machinery can often lead to injury of even the most seasoned operators. We use 80/20 customizable solutions to help create safety guarding measures to address possible workplace accidents. Using extruded aluminum, we can create handrails, safety cages, and machine enclosures, among other things. These solutions are not only light and flexible, but are completely modular and can be scaled up with relative ease to accommodate expansion of the machine.

Work Flow Optimization

Moving parts through the working environment can be a challenge. Parts need to be moved and stored effectively and safely through the entire process of manufacture, storage, packaging and distribution. 80/20 products can be used to create customized carts, workstations, conveyors, storage solutions and more to keep your process, and your materials moving through the process.

80/20 solutions are modular, so can precisely fit your exact process with the option to scale up or down quickly as your business grows and changes. The extruded aluminum used in 80/20 solutions is comparable to steel in regards to strength, but doesn’t require as much maintenance, and don’t lose structural integrity with repairs.

Carolina Fluid Power Carolina Fluid 80-20 mobile experienceCarolina Fluid Power Carolina Fluid 80-20 mobile experience

The 80/20 Experience

There’s no better way to get a feel for 80/20 components and accessories than a hands-on experience with our T-slotted aluminum construction system. Schedule an 80/20 demonstration and we’ll bring the product to your offices or factory floor! You’ll understand the true potential of 80/20 products when you get a feel for the products and accessories in action! Our 80/20 Demo Van is outfitted with an 80/20 gurney – a virtual 3D catalog of profiles, parts and accessories that allows you feel the rigidity of the extrusions, experience the effortlessness movement of our linear bearings and interact with the modularity and strength of our many fastening methods.

Solid Solutions in a Fluid Environment

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