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Electronic Controls

We have the knowhow and the product catalog to create a solution that will work for you. You know your business and your needs, and we know electronic controls and automation. By working closely with you, we can create a custom electronic system that will give you and your operators the control they need for whatever application they need it for.


Automation is typically associated with industrial processes where repetitive motion is mechanized and then electronically controlled to perform operations with the same parameters so that equal and repeatable results occur regardless of time, date or external influences. Automation is normally achieved using a microprocessor based electronic controller with specific inputs and outputs (I/O) to read sensors and inputs and control motion through outputs via software that “reads” input information and outputs based on timed response to input values. Inputs and outputs are variables in the process and required for the software to react and control the process.

Mobile Hydraulic Controls

Mobile Hydraulics is the application of these same basic techniques and technology packaged to operate in the more rugged and demanding world of mobile hydraulic equipment such as cranes, oil rigs, bucket trucks, garbage trucks, excavators, tractors and farm equipment, aerospace and military hardware. Repetitive motion such as lifting and emptying a garbage can is a typical mobile hydraulic automation operation. More complex motion using the operator as the feedback device to accomplish a difficult task is done using electro-hydraulic assist via technology often referred to as “fly by wire” where the microprocessor based controller takes input from the operator via joysticks and other input devices and transforms that input to an output commensurate with the degree of input.


STW designs, manufactures and implements mobile electronic solutions.

MTS Sensors

MTS Sensors specializes in non-contact/velocity linear displacement transducers and controls.

Hatox Remote Controls

Hatox Remote Controls offers wireless control systems for mobile and industrial hydraulics.

Horner Automation Group

Horner integrates many traditional control products into their Operator Control Station (OCS) technology to create one easy system.

Delta Computer Systems

Delta creates motion controllers, software, color sensors and peripherals for automated manufacturing.

Clippard Minimatic

Clippard manufactures miniature pneumatics to include electronic and manual valves, cylinders, fittings and accessories.

Solid Solutions in a Fluid Environment

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